Morocco Summer 2019
3x3x3 Cube
First Round
Second Round
2x2x2 Cube
First Round
4x4x4 Cube
Combined Final
3x3x3 Blindfolded
3x3x3 One-Handed
Combined Final
Combined Final
Abdulrahman Essed
Afaf Yahya
Aicha Azzaoui
Alami Louati Ilyas
Ali Bensouda
Amine El Azami
Anas Fathani
Aya El Hani
Ayman Laassel
Ayoub El Atouany
Badr Eddine Aboutabit
Christian Lacle
Douae El Hani
Doublal Anass
Enzo Monlin
Hatim Fertat
Laila Yahya
Madani Aloui Yassine
Malak Rabi
Mehdi Chbani
Mehdi Jaafour
Mohamed El Akadi
Mohamed Elkhatri
Mohamed Youssef El Mouchtaray
Nawfel Mechiche Alami
Omar Ouadouha
Riad Erramdani
Rime Rhfouda
Sakina Belakbir
Soufiane Lakhlifi
Wael Houmache
Youssef Fahmi
Ziad Yahya

Mehdi Chbani   ·   Morocco   ·   see his WCA's official results

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
1835.8937.2927.4637.961:28.6037.05 PB 27.46
1933.0834.6232.0927.8632.83 PB 32.6727.86

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
1622.5616.4313.3619.5911.47 PB 16.46 PB 11.47

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
92:28.512:19.382:22.502:08.422:14.06 PB 2:18.65 PB 2:08.42

#event / roundt1t2t3bestmean

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
91:12.7752.191:03.291:00.431:16.58 PB 1:05.50 PB 52.19

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
7DNF6:22.62     PB 6:22.62

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