Fewest Moves Christmas 2018
3x3x3 Fewest Moves
Callum Goodyear
Carl Emil Exner
Daniel Vædele Egdal
Elvin Thorsen
Fredrik Trondhjem
Henrik Buus Aagaard
Joy Liou Liu (刘丽欧)
Laurids Abelsen Holm
Magnus Patrick Kanstrup
Magnus Søndergaard Byrne
Martin Vædele Egdal
Mathias Søndergaard Byrne
Mikela Elleby Jørgensen
Rasmus Stub Detlefsen
Theodor Nordstrand
Thomas Sonnenberg Jarner

Magnus Patrick Kanstrup   ·   Denmark   ·   see his WCA's official results

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8DNF3236DNF PB 32

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