Midcoast Cubing 2018
Augusta, Maine
United States
3x3x3 Cube
First Round
Second Round
2x2x2 Cube
First Round
4x4x4 Cube
Combined Final
3x3x3 One-Handed
Combined Final
First Round
Second Round
First Round
Aidan Greeley
Aidan McKenzie
Aidan P. Grady
Ambrose Maynes
Audric Kulas
Austin Lizzotte
Blake Berry
Carter Yost
Chris Tran
Connor Baird
Cormac Rohda
Daniel Daoust
Daniel Giulianti
Daniel Orband
David Fischer
Derek White
Donovan Sanborn
Evan McKenzie
Frank Barton
Gus Lipkin
Henry Kosiba Dustin
Hunter Lizzotte
Ian Caron
Isaiah Baker
Jackson Hall
Jalene Blackman
Jarad Thompson
Jared Blackman
Jeremy Blackman
JJ Blackman
Joey Mait
Josh Blackman
Joshua Lajoie
Juan F. Wulff
Justin McLaughlin
Kiron Das
Kris J. Gonnella
Krisztian Kovacs
Luke Bodwell
Matthew Blackadar
Matthew Fox
Micah Stairs
Mike McNeill
Nate Belluche
Nestor Sokhan
Nicholas Jurrissen
Nick Leighton
Nicolas Zerbinopoulos
Noah Porch
Olha Sokhan
Oliver Backman
Orrin Ross
Owen Avery Smith
Rocco Canniff
Roger Lightbody III
Ryan McLaughlin
Safia Majid
Sam Gonnella
Sam Myung
Saransh Grover
Sawyer Morgan
Shayden Parent
Will Marshall
William Shields

Krisztian Kovacs   ·   United States   ·   see his WCA's official results

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
814.7312.5214.2917.4312.58 PB 13.87 PB 12.52

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
165.734.096.044.485.555.25 PB 4.09
156.584.594.245.815.17 PB 5.194.24

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
350.5648.4051.4249.0048.85 PB 49.47 PB 48.40

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
1134.8228.9034.5331.7932.70 PB 33.01 PB 28.90

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
1511.4213.136.199.7113.4011.42 PB 6.19
128.119.6613.0912.7410.13 PB 10.848.11

#event / roundt1t2t3t4t5averagebest
188.9515.0012.0112.6712.12 PB 12.278.95

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